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Alice in Zombie

Zombie Alice

Comming in January

**We will have tickets available by contacting MizLilly or Zap
in advance and being placed on the RSVP list or at a munch.
8:30 - 9 pm Break/Social/Arrivals and Departures
9 pm - 2:30 am Dungeon Play Opens: The Dungeon is over 2200 sq ft of sexy play stations. If you have attended the Breath Play or Stapling class then the party is free - provided you have RSVP'd for the party in advance.

Tickets will be $10.00 for membbers of ToL & WaCoTx,
and $15 for sponsored guests. Tickets will be available at the First Friday Munch and you need to be on the closed roster.
All guests will be asked to sign a release

Guidelines for the Dungeon

Ask before you Act. If you don't come in the door with it- don't mess with it unless you negotiate with the one who did come in the door with it.
  • Use of Good Manners & Common Sense.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Don't hog the play stations. Please use only one play station at a time and remember other's would like to play too. Good news! If you can prove you played on every play station you'll get a special prize.
  • No Talking in the Dungeon. we have 2200+ sq feet of space dedicated to relaxation and conversation- save the negotiations and random comments for the main floor.
  • Play in the Dungeon. only play in dedicated play stations.

    If you are interested in attending
    classes and/or party please contact
    Touch of Leather via email or at a munch


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